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Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis is a compelling text.  It’s a couple of years old but the author is still putting out books, so no one has shut him down yet.  It was...

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I’m going Whole Hog with whole30

I’m going to do the whole30 starting on 8/15/2016.  whole30?  Oh, it’s the new crazy!  Get this: for 30 days, don’t eat: Do not eat added sugar. Do not consume alcohol. Do not eat...

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Be sure to check out my new YouTube channel!!! Please upvote and comment on my videos.

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How to Peel Garlic

My first YouTube video.  Shot with the video setting on my digital camera.  I used my Hero3 for the B-roll insert of the inside of the bowl.  Only took a couple of hours to...

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Best Cookbooks

Here’s all my favorite books.  I do a lot of reading, both on the web and in books.  These are the best. Feel free to click on them to add to YOUR library! Fermenting...

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Old Fashioned White Fudge Recipe

It’s that time of year again.  I break down and start cooking with sugar.  Lots of sugar.  Read through this latest offering.  I don’t ferment anything at all!  I do slip in a little...

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Time for Homemade Sauerkraut

I love sauerkraut.  I love it on hot dogs.  I love to cook pork chops in it.  I can get other people to eat it if I make reuben sandwiches and pile on lots...